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Metal Roofing Options

Is Metal Roofing Suitable for West Michigan Winters?

Consider Metal roofing options if you’d like to never deal with another ice dam again! One benefit of metal roofing in Michigan is that the snow slides right off! Say goodbye to the roof rake and choose a roofing material made to outlast you.¬†Metal is a premium roofing material, comparable in price to clay tile and cedar shake roofing.

Metal Roofing Options Include Shingles That Can Look Like Slate or Shake!

Metal roofing offers an affordable alternative to shake and slate. The images in the gallery show Edco’s line of beautiful architectural steel roofing. While metal roofs are typically more expensive our line of designer ashphalt/laminate shingles, it’s payback comes in longevity. Plus, the cost of asphalt production continues to rise, making metal a more attractive, long-term alternative.

Many residential metal roofs now utilize reflective pigment technology, which results in overall home energy efficiency, and lower utility bills. In addition, all metal roofs are made from 30-60% recycled material. Some brands, like our preferred vendor Edco, have product lines that are tested for UL2218-Class 4 Rating for hail, and UL1897 test for winds. They withstand winds of up to 160mph, well above the industry standard. To give you an idea of that kind of strength, Hurricane Sandy reached winds of 90mph.

We offer multiple solutions in the metal roofing arena including standing seam and metal shingles. Our installers are well-trained in manufacturer specifications for metal roofs. This is important because metal roofs need to be installed properly to avoid expensive maintenance issues in the future.

Today, you can get your metal roof system in any color finish, with special paint coatings available in different grades ranging from low to premium quality. It is best to pay more and step up to a premium grade for a long lasting, high-quality paint that comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. Offered in a rainbow of colors, your metal roof can be a traditional vertical seam profile, or be manufactured to resemble wood shake, slate, shingles or clay tiles.

Types of Metal Roofing

  • Galvanized steel is the most economical metal roofing material available.
  • Aluminum is a step up in quality from steel, providing more long-lasting protection compared to steel roofing.
  • Aluminum Shingles: This is one of the most popular types of metal roofs installed.
  • Copper is a superior quality metal with a higher cost per square.

Consider enhancing your home with the beauty and value of a metal roof. Contact us for a Free Estimate and materials comparison.

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