Emergency storm damage roofing repair illustration for 24/7 Grand Rapids, Holland, West MI Service

Storm Damage

When it rains it pours and when it’s pouring in on your home or business, time is the enemy.

The first step is to call us now at (616) 534-7680.

The next step is to protect the interior of your home or business.

  • Find something to collect the incoming water. A Pan, bucket or trashcan will work. Remember to empty them periodically.
  • When possible remove items such as papers, computers, furniture etc. from the area. Large items that cannot be moved should be covered in plastic. A plastic trash bag cut open or even a shower curtain will work.
  • If you notice your ceiling starting to bubble, take a sharp item (screw driver or even a pencil will work) and poke a hole into it to release the water, this will prevent the ceiling from becoming worse or even falling.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year Premier’s 2-person emergency response crews are standing by, with vehicles fully equipped and staffed by certified roofers trained to diagnose and repair leaks under the worst possible conditions.

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